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 The Players

Lead & baritone vocal: Steve Kirtley

Tenor vocal: Jennie Rodriguez

Acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin, bass: Steve Kirtley

Resonator guitar & piano: Ron White

Fiddle: Megan Lynch


    Matt Woody songs 1, 3, 11

    Dana Kelly songs 2, 4-10, 12


My profound thanks go to the people who contributed their talents to this recording.


Ron White is a long-time friend and talented musician who contributed beautiful resonator guitar playing, plus rhythm piano that does much to fill out the sound.


Megan Lynch is a 5 time national fiddle champion who did some awesome playing that brought the songs alive, always with the appropriate feel.


Jennie Rodriguez sang harmony with a vocal quality that seems to be the ideal compliment to my voice, and she was able to perfectly follow the twists and turns of my melody lines.


I appreciate Matt Woody, who was the first one to come help me get started on this recording project.  The reason he only plays drums on three songs is that he left the country on a mission trip to Eastern Europe, and at this time is working to promote the Gospel of Jesus in Central and South America.


Dana Kelly is an accomplished professional drummer who played just the right simple style to fit this music.  Dana is a relatively young man who is a cancer survivor.  Iím sure he would appreciate your prayers for his continued health.



Recording Notes

Digitally recorded in Pro Tools, Mountain Melody Studio

Mastered by Joe Weed, Highland Studio,

CD Manufacturing by Disc Makers

Producer, engineer, photographer, graphic designer, and janitor: Steve Kirtley


Published by Mountain Melody Music -

Celebrating 30 Years in Gospel Music

Master of the Storm

The Songs - preview clips

Lyrics & the stories behind the songs

The Players and Recording Notes


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Published by Mountain Melody Music - Celebrating 30 Years in Gospel Music